Sunday, October 26, 2008

Episode 11

Thank you for joining us again here at The Get Up Rotation. This week's show includes the winner of this month's drawing, listener mail, and a special message from Kayla.

Featured artists and song list:

Motocade - Soap Opera

Conservative Man - Radio Montreal

Ryan Calhoun - Slipping Away

On Wave - Solo

Last November - Jesus Had Breakfast in Bed

Kentucky Knife Fight - Sex Crimes

Parachute Musical - Back the Same

The Silentreatment - Sweet Ending

JoAnna Lynne - Bad Habits

Mothers Anger - Sniper

Miranda Sound - Quilt Therapy

Chris Ayer - Awake

Molly Bancroft - Mesmerize

North American Royalty - Running

Morning Lane - Faith

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Episode 10

Sorry this one is so late! Poor Brooke is on her death bed. Just a heads up, Kayla edited this episode so all complaints can be forwarded to her. Check out

Featured artist and song list:

the Debretts - The Rage

Josh Woodward - Revolution Now

Bruiser - Loud Verse Soft Chorus

Jesus h. Foxx - Tightt Ideas

Deas Vail - White Lights

Bicycles and Gravel - Curious Markings

GK & The Renegades - Girls From Birkenhead

Occam's Razor - Some Days

Kellys Lot - Strong Girl

Joy Ike - City Lights

Imaginary Johnny - It'll Burn

Paul Melancon - Tell it to the Bees

Astro Firs - What They Say

All Girl Summer Fun Band - Canadian Boyfriend

The Meat Packers - Mediterranean Soiree

Thanks for listening! Have a great week!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Episode 9

Thank you for tuning in again to The Get Up Rotation. We had some technical problems this week, but we've still got a great show for you. This week we reveal our guilty pleasure albums. Don't forget to email us your album of the year so far or the album you are most looking forward to by Oct. 25 to The drawing is Oct. 26 and the winner gets a $10 gift certificate.

Featured artist and song list:

Heels Catch Fire - Have You Noticed?

AM - Stop

Cantinero - My House

Cavedoll - Broken Eardrums

Clinic - The Witch

E For Explosion - I Explode

Denise Barbarita - The Last Breakdown

Every Avenue - This One's a Cheap Shot

Fell Far Behind - Miss Hyde

Five AM - Just Say Anything

Get Back Loretta - Ketamine

Head of Light Entertainment - Ghastly

doublePark - Moving to the City

Dr. Dog - The Ark

Corrientes - Hopeless

Digital Silhoutte - BeautyChaos

Have a great week!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Episode 8

Aaaaand we're back. It's a pleasure to announce that Kayla is now a permanent co-host. In this episode we announce another giveaway, give you some album recommendations, and as always we have great music for you.

Featured artists and song list:

Atomic Tom - Take Me Out

Satellite State - Get On

Pro Audio - Otto and Darlene

Val Emmich - Hurt More Later

Apollo Sunshine - Singing To The Earth

Cut Off Your Hands - Happy as Can Be

The Banana Sessions - Glorious Carrots

Civalias - No Escape

Kristoffer Ragnstam - Swing That Tamborine

Headway - Finish What We Started

Division Day - Littleblood

Teague Cullen - Devil's Double

Secret Dakota Ring - The Fade to Black

Looker - Born In the Desert

Firewater - 3 Legged Dog

Mcrackins - Being with You

Thanks for listening and have a great week!