Friday, December 26, 2008

Episode 20 - The Best of 2008

Welcome to The Get Up Rotation's Best of 2008. Brooke and Kayla are celebrating the holidays, so this week is all music.

Korben - Steady Fools

The Matthew Show - Office Suite pt.1

Slow Club - Me and You

Motocade - Bomb Squad

Idiots! - Prime Meridian

Pro Audio - Student Loans

Rachael Cantu - Saturday

The Broadcast Debut - Roller-skating

Bicycles and Gravel - Trees and Fruit

Astro Firs - Battery Power

Joy Ike - City Lights

The Meat Packers - Mediterranean Soiree

Janus - Six Letters Sent

Chris Ayer - Strangers in Cars

Trixie and the Merch Girls - Pukin' in Da Sink

That's a Nice Coat - Love Cliche

Revolution 74 - Pink Hair Live

Inflight Nymphs - Song for Jen

Monday, December 22, 2008

Episode 19

Sorry this one is late. Our host site was having issues. It's our last live show of the year. Next week The Get Up Rotation is going on autopilot, so we can celebrate Christmas. We'll have an hour of the best of with our favorite songs of the year and outtakes. Also, we are changing the format a bit next year, so keep listening for that.

Featured artist and song list:

GK & The Renegades - That's OK

Escape Goats - Hit Me Gently In The Head

Bernadine - Corndogs

Gravity Horse - Cryptozoology

The Danks - Treaty Connector

The 75s - Finders Keepers

Paper Moon - What Are You Going To Do With Me?

Blue Knives - Always Yours

Doctor Squid - 3AM Electric
Get their self titled album here.

The Tessings - Flying Over Oceans

The Sleep - Again and Again

Softball - Windmill

MixMasterMandy - Mr. T

Thanks for listening. Have a Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukkah!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Episode 18

It's episode 18 of The Get Up Rotation. This week our sexy MF is Chris from the He Shes for his record shop suggestions. Also, our sincerest apologizes to Mr. Bones and the Dreamers. We said their song was Buckler's Groom when it is Buckler's Gown.

More vinyl shops:

If you are thinking about donating your time or money to a worthy cause this holiday, check out the Sweet Relief Musicians Fund. Sweet Relief provides financial assistance to all types of career musicians who are facing illness, disability, or age-related problems. Sweet Relief also provides grants for retired or semi-retired older musicians, which helps pay living expenses. If you'd like to help or are a musician needing help visit

Featured Artists and Song List:

Blood Red Shoes - You Bring Me Down

Earwig - Japanese Girlfriend

Mydols - Merry Freakin Christmas

Dylan In The Movies - City Skies

Mr. Bones and the Dreamers - Buckler’s Gown

Trixie and the Merch Girls - Conan, We Love You

Little Plastic Stars - Dating is Hard

Divide the Day - File This Under Great Ideas At The Time

The Velodrome - Nautilus

Zoe Appleseed - Flowers

Dirty On Purpose - Your Summer Dress

Chomsky - 15 Minutes to Rock

Hey Mike! - Carry Love

Rob Scallon - Summer
You can purchase Rob Scallon's album Summer on iTunes here.

Thanks for listening. Have a great week!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Episode 17

Welcome to episode 17 of The Get Up Rotation. Kayla's back this week. We'll tell you about our favorite online vinyl stores and we have another sexy mf of the week.

Featured artists and song list:

Revolution 74 - Pink Hair Live

Buildings Breeding - Pitter Patter

Thunder Power - Take A Hike

Eagle Seagull - Your Beauty is a Knife I Turn on my Throat

The Warm Fuzzies - Space Invaders
Purchase The Bubblegum EP here.

Inflight Nymphs - Song for Jen
Purchase their Beginning of the Past cd here.

Pora! Pora! - So Cinematic

Hello Nurse - We've Got Tonight

Escape Goats - Christmas in Pizzaville

The Kind - Cell Phone Punk

Broadcast Debut - Pen and Ink

Drugmule - Turn Your Back

Headlights - Tokyo

Royal Treatment Plant - You Don't Need Me

Dirty On Purpose - Light Pollution

Thanks for listening. Have a great week!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Episode 16

It's Thanksgiving recovery week for us and our American friends. Kayla's taking this week off to celebrate with her family, but she'll be back next episode. We've got an hour of amazing indie music and we'll announce the November Contest winner.

Featured artists and song list:

The Dials
- Dead Beat

Pothole - Mean to Me

Doctor Squid - On My Way
Buy Doctor Squid's self-titled album here.

The He Shes - Eyes Like Diamonds

Zox - The Wait Pt II

Alternate Routes - Aftermath

The Pierces - Secret

Janus - Six Letters Sent

South - Wasted

Carbon Leaf - The Boxer

Jonie Blinman - C'mon Let's Go

Facing Forward - Sounds of Violins

Chopshop - Wen

Outspoken - Punk Rock Bells

Karen Tween - Girl With a Gun

Thanks for listening. Have a great week!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Episode 15

We're back with episode 15 of The Get Up Rotation. We're winging it this week. This is the last week to enter the November contest, so be sure to email us the best concert you've ever been to to by November 28. We'll have a drawing of all the entries on next week's show and the winner gets a $10 gift certificate.

Featured artists and song list:

Riboflavin - Botox

Rob Scallon - Algonquin Road
You can purchase Rob Scallon's album Summer on iTunes here.

Brad Sucks - Certain Death

Feral Children - Zyghost

KaiserCartel - Favorite Song

Beer Drinking Fools - Let's Get On Welfare

David Craigie - Chewing Gum Getaway

The 75s - Cliche Xmas Song

Val Emmich - Got a Habit Now

Blue Knives - Separated Lives

Sinkhole - Leaner Days

Joan as Police Woman - Ride

Highway Magic - Another Round

Thierry Kauffmann - Saturday in the Park

Have a great week and Happy Thanksgiving to our American friends!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Episode 14

Welcome to episode 14 of The Get Up Rotation. Thank you for joining us again. This week we go over the November contest again, we have some listener mail, and we announce our sexy mf of the week. Be sure to pick up War Tapes' self-titled EP from here.

The Velodrome - The Russians Are Coming

Chris Ayer - Strangers in Cars

Parlour Steps - Only Mystery

White Collar Rejects - Scum of the Earth

Return to Sender - Fast Track

Saint Bernadette - Love is a Stranger

sad like crazy - Steam

Dare Dukes - Kick + Holler

stopstarts - mentor

War Tapes - Dreaming of You
Get the War Tapes' self-titled EP at

Great Bloomers - Market of the Night

Monk Turner - Medley (Good And Well / Take Your Vitamin / National Anthem of a Homeless Alcoholic)

Little Plastic Stars - The Sound of Velvet Crushing

Search the House - My Name is Claire

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Episode 13

It's episode lucky number 13! Kayla's down in the dumps this week. Hopefully we can play enough good music to cheer her up.

Featured artists and song list:

Bells for Her - Oh Dear

Revolution 74 - Bigman

Astro Firs - Backwards

BenSem - Sunshine

The Cabs - That One

Saint Dragon - Hello Goodbye

Fall Horsie - The Devil's Performance

Kochis - Paula

Easton Legacy - If You're Not Mad Enough to Bareknuckle Box You're Just Not Mad

Kristoffer Ragnstam - 2008

Hospital Bombers - Neighbourhood

The Wind Whistles - Good Friends Won't Rip You Off

Mr. Bones and the Dreamers - Seasick

Pensive - Summer Is Gone

Kids Fly Free - Drive

Have a great week!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Episode 12

We hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween. On this week's show we have details about the November contest, another special message from Kayla, and more great indie music.

Featured artists and song list:

Bloc Party - Helicopter

State Shirt - Computer

Satellite State - Clockworks

The Weightlifters - Beer, Friends, and Icehockey

Jim Boggia - Three Weeks Shy

The Warm Fuzzies - Why Do Girls Wear Big Sunglasses

Military Junior - Authority

Captain and the Kings - Can't Do This on My Own

The Go-Sheilas - Procrastination

Ari Shine - Cooler Than Me

White Collar Rejects - Bad Cop No Donut

The Brilliant Mistakes - Good Year for a Change

Lights Run Riot - Rooftop Gymnastics

Sarah Donner - Suffragette

Trixie and the Merch Girls - Pukin' in Da Sink

Have a great week!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Episode 11

Thank you for joining us again here at The Get Up Rotation. This week's show includes the winner of this month's drawing, listener mail, and a special message from Kayla.

Featured artists and song list:

Motocade - Soap Opera

Conservative Man - Radio Montreal

Ryan Calhoun - Slipping Away

On Wave - Solo

Last November - Jesus Had Breakfast in Bed

Kentucky Knife Fight - Sex Crimes

Parachute Musical - Back the Same

The Silentreatment - Sweet Ending

JoAnna Lynne - Bad Habits

Mothers Anger - Sniper

Miranda Sound - Quilt Therapy

Chris Ayer - Awake

Molly Bancroft - Mesmerize

North American Royalty - Running

Morning Lane - Faith

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Episode 10

Sorry this one is so late! Poor Brooke is on her death bed. Just a heads up, Kayla edited this episode so all complaints can be forwarded to her. Check out

Featured artist and song list:

the Debretts - The Rage

Josh Woodward - Revolution Now

Bruiser - Loud Verse Soft Chorus

Jesus h. Foxx - Tightt Ideas

Deas Vail - White Lights

Bicycles and Gravel - Curious Markings

GK & The Renegades - Girls From Birkenhead

Occam's Razor - Some Days

Kellys Lot - Strong Girl

Joy Ike - City Lights

Imaginary Johnny - It'll Burn

Paul Melancon - Tell it to the Bees

Astro Firs - What They Say

All Girl Summer Fun Band - Canadian Boyfriend

The Meat Packers - Mediterranean Soiree

Thanks for listening! Have a great week!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Episode 9

Thank you for tuning in again to The Get Up Rotation. We had some technical problems this week, but we've still got a great show for you. This week we reveal our guilty pleasure albums. Don't forget to email us your album of the year so far or the album you are most looking forward to by Oct. 25 to The drawing is Oct. 26 and the winner gets a $10 gift certificate.

Featured artist and song list:

Heels Catch Fire - Have You Noticed?

AM - Stop

Cantinero - My House

Cavedoll - Broken Eardrums

Clinic - The Witch

E For Explosion - I Explode

Denise Barbarita - The Last Breakdown

Every Avenue - This One's a Cheap Shot

Fell Far Behind - Miss Hyde

Five AM - Just Say Anything

Get Back Loretta - Ketamine

Head of Light Entertainment - Ghastly

doublePark - Moving to the City

Dr. Dog - The Ark

Corrientes - Hopeless

Digital Silhoutte - BeautyChaos

Have a great week!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Episode 8

Aaaaand we're back. It's a pleasure to announce that Kayla is now a permanent co-host. In this episode we announce another giveaway, give you some album recommendations, and as always we have great music for you.

Featured artists and song list:

Atomic Tom - Take Me Out

Satellite State - Get On

Pro Audio - Otto and Darlene

Val Emmich - Hurt More Later

Apollo Sunshine - Singing To The Earth

Cut Off Your Hands - Happy as Can Be

The Banana Sessions - Glorious Carrots

Civalias - No Escape

Kristoffer Ragnstam - Swing That Tamborine

Headway - Finish What We Started

Division Day - Littleblood

Teague Cullen - Devil's Double

Secret Dakota Ring - The Fade to Black

Looker - Born In the Desert

Firewater - 3 Legged Dog

Mcrackins - Being with You

Thanks for listening and have a great week!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Episode 7

Welcome back, friends. Our special guest host this week was Kayla. She was a hoot and we hope to have her back soon. Check out her band here and her radio show here

The answer to this month's trivia was all the artwork was designed by ee storey AKA Emy Storey. Have a look at her amazing art here

Featured artists and song list:

System Scare - When You Wake Up

Grand Atlantic - Trip Wires

Beth Bombara - Not the World

brian buta - quick like bombs

Muff - Over and Out

S0uth - Better Things

The Spookshow - Follow Me Darkness

Truth in Fiction - Oh No

MrandMrsmays - lifeline

41 Gorgeous Blocks - I'll Just Wait

Lowry - Roads

Astro Firs - Battery Power

Come On Undress Me - Napoleon Sickness

Christian Brown - Here We Go Again Anyway

Ruth Theodore - Overexpanding

Thanks for listening. Have a great week!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Episode 6

Thank you friends for tuning in to another episode of The Get Up Rotation. We've got a lot of talented artists this week. Don't forget to get your trivia answers in to by Sept. 25.

Please visit the Health Alliance for Austin Musicians at to help full time Austin musicians with affordable healthcare.

Please vote for Joy Ike as Best Artist and Best Solo Artist at Pittsburgh City Paper's annual Reader's Poll here. Please fill in at least 25 categories, so your vote counts.

Featured artists and song list:

Astro Firs - Arrangements

The Small Screen Light Show - I'm Too in Love

Joy Ike - Warriors Get Your Gear On

Yuma House - Red Car

Mansions - Tangerine

Lindsay Rae Spurlock - As for Now

Koufax - Roll the Dice

Royal Treatment Plant - Carry Me

Bicycles and Gravel - Trees and Fruit

Second Dan - Running Out of Feelings

occam's razor - Your Apologies

Bows and Arrows - Forget All We Used to Know

one:day:life - Cool Collected Calm

Au Revoir Simone - Through the Backyards

Sunspot - The Happy Song

Niko - Village Abandoned

Thanks for listening. Have a great week!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Episode 5

It's time for yet another episode of The Get Up Rotation. Thank you again for tuning in. This episode has great music, trivia, and listener feedback. Two of the artists featured this week (Television City and Non Radio Friendly) are on the Garage Sale Records label. Check them out at

Don't forget if you'd like your music featured in an upcoming podcast email Brooke at

November is fast approaching. Need to register? Do it here.

This week's featured artists and song list:

Television City - She's a Workaholic

Thomas Pace - I Know

Dead World Leaders - Long Way Down

Beth Thornley - Done

Audible - Sunday Bell

Building Rome - The Panting Dog

Lame Duck - Rolling with the Punches

The Broadcast Debut - Roller-skating

The Cubs - Mantauk Soldiers

Montauk Soldiers from rob tiffin on Vimeo.

5 Second Rule - Outlaws

Death Cab for Cutie - Title and Registration

The Break and Repair Method - This City (Is Bound to Do Us In)

Cassavetes - Turn These Pages Faster

This Is Fiction - Breathe

Non Radio Friendly - My Favorite Place

Search the House - Do You Have a Motor for Me?

Thanks for listening. Have a great week!