Sunday, October 12, 2008

Episode 9

Thank you for tuning in again to The Get Up Rotation. We had some technical problems this week, but we've still got a great show for you. This week we reveal our guilty pleasure albums. Don't forget to email us your album of the year so far or the album you are most looking forward to by Oct. 25 to The drawing is Oct. 26 and the winner gets a $10 gift certificate.

Featured artist and song list:

Heels Catch Fire - Have You Noticed?

AM - Stop

Cantinero - My House

Cavedoll - Broken Eardrums

Clinic - The Witch

E For Explosion - I Explode

Denise Barbarita - The Last Breakdown

Every Avenue - This One's a Cheap Shot

Fell Far Behind - Miss Hyde

Five AM - Just Say Anything

Get Back Loretta - Ketamine

Head of Light Entertainment - Ghastly

doublePark - Moving to the City

Dr. Dog - The Ark

Corrientes - Hopeless

Digital Silhoutte - BeautyChaos

Have a great week!

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