Sunday, September 28, 2008

Episode 7

Welcome back, friends. Our special guest host this week was Kayla. She was a hoot and we hope to have her back soon. Check out her band here and her radio show here

The answer to this month's trivia was all the artwork was designed by ee storey AKA Emy Storey. Have a look at her amazing art here

Featured artists and song list:

System Scare - When You Wake Up

Grand Atlantic - Trip Wires

Beth Bombara - Not the World

brian buta - quick like bombs

Muff - Over and Out

S0uth - Better Things

The Spookshow - Follow Me Darkness

Truth in Fiction - Oh No

MrandMrsmays - lifeline

41 Gorgeous Blocks - I'll Just Wait

Lowry - Roads

Astro Firs - Battery Power

Come On Undress Me - Napoleon Sickness

Christian Brown - Here We Go Again Anyway

Ruth Theodore - Overexpanding

Thanks for listening. Have a great week!


Brian said...

Thanks for playing my song on The Get Up Rotation! Please check out more music here,, and my band, FFHH (

Brian Buta

I Want You said...

Hey guys, great show. Thanks for playing my song!

I'll keep you posted when my new album is finished.

Beth Bombara