Sunday, September 14, 2008

Episode 5

It's time for yet another episode of The Get Up Rotation. Thank you again for tuning in. This episode has great music, trivia, and listener feedback. Two of the artists featured this week (Television City and Non Radio Friendly) are on the Garage Sale Records label. Check them out at

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This week's featured artists and song list:

Television City - She's a Workaholic

Thomas Pace - I Know

Dead World Leaders - Long Way Down

Beth Thornley - Done

Audible - Sunday Bell

Building Rome - The Panting Dog

Lame Duck - Rolling with the Punches

The Broadcast Debut - Roller-skating

The Cubs - Mantauk Soldiers

Montauk Soldiers from rob tiffin on Vimeo.

5 Second Rule - Outlaws

Death Cab for Cutie - Title and Registration

The Break and Repair Method - This City (Is Bound to Do Us In)

Cassavetes - Turn These Pages Faster

This Is Fiction - Breathe

Non Radio Friendly - My Favorite Place

Search the House - Do You Have a Motor for Me?

Thanks for listening. Have a great week!


Derrik said...

Hey :)

this is derrik from This Is Fiction, just wanted to say thank you very much for playing us!

and good show!

If you ever need anything please feel free to hit us up on myspace! And if you ever need any graphics or designs done -->


JigsawJones said...

Dude. This is rad, there is really good music on here! I couldn't get the newest episode to play, so I just listened to bits of the others, and this is really, really cool. Thank you so much for telling me about it!