Friday, December 26, 2008

Episode 20 - The Best of 2008

Welcome to The Get Up Rotation's Best of 2008. Brooke and Kayla are celebrating the holidays, so this week is all music.

Korben - Steady Fools

The Matthew Show - Office Suite pt.1

Slow Club - Me and You

Motocade - Bomb Squad

Idiots! - Prime Meridian

Pro Audio - Student Loans

Rachael Cantu - Saturday

The Broadcast Debut - Roller-skating

Bicycles and Gravel - Trees and Fruit

Astro Firs - Battery Power

Joy Ike - City Lights

The Meat Packers - Mediterranean Soiree

Janus - Six Letters Sent

Chris Ayer - Strangers in Cars

Trixie and the Merch Girls - Pukin' in Da Sink

That's a Nice Coat - Love Cliche

Revolution 74 - Pink Hair Live

Inflight Nymphs - Song for Jen

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