Sunday, November 9, 2008

Episode 13

It's episode lucky number 13! Kayla's down in the dumps this week. Hopefully we can play enough good music to cheer her up.

Featured artists and song list:

Bells for Her - Oh Dear

Revolution 74 - Bigman

Astro Firs - Backwards

BenSem - Sunshine

The Cabs - That One

Saint Dragon - Hello Goodbye

Fall Horsie - The Devil's Performance

Kochis - Paula

Easton Legacy - If You're Not Mad Enough to Bareknuckle Box You're Just Not Mad

Kristoffer Ragnstam - 2008

Hospital Bombers - Neighbourhood

The Wind Whistles - Good Friends Won't Rip You Off

Mr. Bones and the Dreamers - Seasick

Pensive - Summer Is Gone

Kids Fly Free - Drive

Have a great week!

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