Thursday, August 21, 2008

Episode 1

Welcome to the premiere episode of The Get Up Rotation!

I think we have some really good picks this week. If you have feedback or would like your band featured in an upcoming episode, please email Brooke at I'll have a listener line up soon, so you can call in. Also, we may have some music trivia for prizes in the near future, so keep listening.

This week's featured artists and song list:

The Wigg Report - Sun is Out
Curious Hands - Surfacing
Korben - Steady Fools
Lejeune - Dead Again
The Matthew Show - Office Suite pt.1
Smokers Die Younger - I Spy Dry Fear
Gringo Motel - Pueblo
The Amazing Poundcakes - 3 Down 1 to Go
Sweet Diss and the Comebacks - We've Got a Lock to Spin
Giant Bear - Mermaid's Purse
Five Four - My Love Sound
Military Junior - Anodyne
lostwars - windmills
The Coloured Lights - Float Not Fly
Leaving Rouge - Any Color You Want
Despite the Loss - Tin Box

Thanks for listening. Have a great week!

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