Sunday, August 24, 2008

Episode 2

Hooray for Episode 2 of The Get Up Rotation! I hope you are enjoying the show so far. Don't forget to listen next week because I'll have some music trivia for you. If your label or band would like music featured in an upcoming episode, email Brooke at

This week's featured artists and song list:

Motocade - Bomb Squad

Boneless Children Foundation - People Care About Their Cars

Wanda Wilson - Cobwebs

Paulson - Slow Down

The Leader of the Mutineers - Dear Commander

Kiss Kiss - Machines

The Pubcrawlers - All for Me Grog

Soy Bomb - Cheer Up Emo Kids

Recipe for Sunblock - The Classifieds

Korben - Super Selfish

That's a Nice Coat - Love Cliche

Slow Club - Me and You

Heavenly States - Make Up

Great Northern - Telling Lies

The Wind Whistles - Coming Back

Roenik - Leave that Something

Dan Beahm and the Invisible Three - Half as Cool as Han Solo

Trixie & the Merch Girls - Gabe, Can I Borrow Your Gun?

Thanks for listening. Have a great week!

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